10 Songs You Didn't Know Were Covers

Have you heard the blue-eyed soul original "Whatta Man?"

Sometimes it happens when you're shopping in the grocery store and the oldies station is playing. Sometimes it happens when you're watching a commercial. And sometimes, it happens when you're procrastinating late at night, watching YouTube videos and reading your favorite artists' Wikipedia page.

You will always remember the mind-blowing moment when you discover one of your favorite songs is actually a cover. Like when you found out Whitney's "I Will Always Love You" was originally Dolly's. Or when you heard "I'm a Believer" and it wasn't the Smash Mouth version you were familiar with. Depending on your age, you probably felt like a part of your childhood was a lie.

Well, prepare for more devastation. Here are 10 celebrated tracks that are actually covers.

Natalie Imbruglia - "Torn" (1997)

Last year, the '90s babies nearly had a meltdown when this fun-fact went viral. According to NME, L.A. alt-rock band Ednaswap wrote the song in 1993. Danish singer Lis Sørensen then recorded it and retitled it "Brændt" (Danish for "burnt"). Then Imbruglia got it.

Monica - "Angel of Mine" (1998)

In early 1999, R&B singer Monica scored her third number one single with "Angel." But a year before in the U.K. the song was the fourteenth top 10 for girl group Eternal.

Christina Aguilera - "I Turn To You" (1999)

In the summer of 2000, Xtina scored a hit with this Diane Warren-penned power ballad. But did you know All-4-One (most known for their big hit "I Swear") recorded it for the Space Jam soundtrack first?

Jennifer Lopez - "Waiting For Tonight" (1999)

"Waiting For Tonight" is one of J.Lo's signature songs—and a cover of Europop girl group 3rd Party's 1997 original version.

Beyoncé - "Resentment" (2006)

Queen Bey sings this song with such conviction, you'd think she wrote it. But "Resentment" was actually meant to be on Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham's solo-album, Come Together two years before Bey grabbed it for 2006's B'day. Posh's LP was shelved, but her version can be heard in The Real Beckhams (2004) doc.

Whitney Houston - "The Greatest Love Of All" (1985)

Eight years before Houston, R&B singer George Benson sang this song for someone else who was known as "The Greatest"—Muhammad Ali. Benson's version served as the main theme of Ali's 1977 biopic, The Greatest.

Madonna - "Ray of Light" (1998)

Did you know Madonna's techno-frenzy classic is actually based on a 1970s folk tune?

Salt 'N' Pepa (feat. En Vogue) - "Whatta Man" (1994)

One of rap's biggest female groups collaborated with one of R&B's biggest female groups to create this '90s classic. Did you know blue-eyed soul singer Linda Lyndell dropped it first?

Soft Cell - "Tainted Love" (1981)

Soft Cell's decade-defining song is actually a cover of a little known Motown record.

Cyndi Lauper - "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" (1983)

Lauper's fiesty feminist anthem has a different meaning when sung by its original, male writer and singer, Robert Hazard.

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