25-Year-Old Spends Thousands On Disney Princess Doll Collection: "Guys Can Collect Dolls, Too"

Nick Theodoulou's collection currently boasts 50 limited edition figurines.

Nick Theodoulou is a social media executive from London with a deep and unabating addiction to Disney collectible dolls. Not only does he break the bank trying to afford his expensive obsession, he also regularly flaunts his Disney expertise on YouTube.

Theodoulou's passion for Disney can be traced back to an early love for Beauty and the Beast heroine Belle, who he connected with because she was "different" from the other Disney princesses.

By the age of 12, Nick's infatuation for the quirky book lover expanded to include all things Disney when he began collecting pins and badges featuring other characters.

In 2009, he bought his first doll—a 17inch limited edition Belle worth £50—and the Princess figurine craze was born.

“I love the way the dolls capture their characters and bring them to life," he remarked. “It’s something that I enjoy spending money on and it means something to me, so the value doesn’t matter.”

“I saw how detailed and gorgeous it was and started looking into the other ones,” he said after purchasing his first doll. “Now I have about 50 of the limited edition dolls, including 12 Belles.

“They are worth more than I have spent now I’m sure, but I can’t sell them, I’m too attached," he confessed. "It’s not great for my bank balance but it’s worth it.”

Though people sometimes make fun of him for collecting dolls, Nick says he's found great support in various online collector communities.

“There are a lot of Disney fans around the world on Facebook groups and Instagram which shed light that a lot of guys can collect dolls too, anyone can,” he said.

“A lot of friends who are into Disney have been inspired by my collections and now have their own. I have even seen a lot of couples that collect together. It’s always been a solo venture for me though.”

To see more of Nick's impressive collection, check him out on Twitter and YouTube.

h/t: Pink News

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