"American Idol" Producers: Adam Lambert Will Be Back, Is Our Favorite Contestant

American Idol will be getting some new executive producers this season, in the form of Jesse Ignjatovic and Evan Prager, and Adam Lambert fans should know this is very, very good news for their favorite singer, and it could lead to him finally being a judge on the show.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jesse identified Lambert as his favorite contestant ever, saying:

I just love how he would re-imagine or recreate the songs and take the music to a different place. It goes without saying that he's a very talented performer and vocalist and such a likable guy. His work with the "Idol" team to stage different looking performances, that connected with me. I remember I couldn't stop talking about him that season.

And as far as Adam returning for the new season, or possibly being a judge, Evan had this to say:

We all know having watched the show that he is really beloved. As far as him being considered as a judge, you've heard just as many names thrown out there as we have, but I think that he is obviously a big part of the show and getting him on there is always great.

That sound you hear right now is millions of Glamberts screaming.