The Cover Art For Trixie Mattel's Country Album Is Perfection

"Two Birds" is out May 2.

Trixie Mattel is joining other RuPaul's Drag Race alumni like Alaska and Sharon Needles as she goes from the workroom to the recording studio.

?? by Lisa Predko

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Today, Trixie released the artwork for her debut album, Two Birds, and Anus this is not.

With Brian Firkus (Trixie's alter ego) in a full country crooner get-up and Trixie next to him holding an autoharp, Two Birds looks like it would look right at home sitting between Dolly Parton and Kacey Musgraves at your local record shop.

"Two Birds" in two weeks! May 2nd

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Anyone who follows the country queen on Instagram knows that she leans more towards the guitar than the club beats like Detox or most of the other Drag Race pop divas.

"Dead Flowers" by Townes Van Zandt

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Trixie revealed in a new Pride video that she wrote the album last summer while she was in Provincetown getting over a heartbreak.

"Before I was Trixie Mattel I was a folk musician. My grandpa played guitar so I spent my whole life before I did drag playing guitar and singing and it never occurred to me to hand the Barbie a guitar—because Dolly Parton already did it," she says in the video.

She describes the album as "six beautiful little folk songs narrating the life of a recently heartbroken cross-dresser." Some of the song titles include "Mama Don't Make Me Put On That Dress Again," "Make Up Your Mind," and "Seen My Man."

Two Birds will be released, May 2, the week after Drag Con, where Trixie will be hosting a UNHhhh panel with her co-host Katya.

NYC! Playing my new album MAY 23rd and 25th! @spincyclenyc @thebeechman

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For more of the country queen catch Trixie on the road supporting the album at the Laurie Beechman Theater in New York.

Church In The Wildwood. Loving my new Cascade by @daigleautoharps #autoharp

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Next stop: Grand Ole Opry?

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