Only Four People Showed Up to Dallas Straight Pride and One Rebuked It Halfway Through

Looks like not everything is bigger in Texas.

So-called "straight pride" has hit a new low.

An event in Texas this weekend was so sparsely attended that even the head of the group responsible for planning it, Teresa Stephens Richenberger of Protecting Our Next Generation, failed to show, according to the Dallas Voice. Only two anti-LGBTQ demonstrators were present at first, both of whom had traveled to the Dallas City Hall Plaza from Boston.

Boston's Super Happy Fun America, which organized the straight pride parade there this summer, was involved in helping to promote Saturday's event.

"The 2 SHFA organizers were hilariously outnumbered by pro-LGBT & anti-fascist protestors—and about a dozen police. Much later, they were joined by a member of the Dallas Proud Boys and a woman named Princess Vanna who claims she converted from lesbianism after finding God," tweeted local activist Soraya Colli.

"'Princess Vanna' claims she 'rebuked' them because she didn't know what the event was really about and as a 'Christian' she doesn't like 'pride.' She spent an hour proselytizing while the SHFA chumps livestreamed their non-event," Colli added.

The anti-LGBTQ demonstrators were reportedly outnumbered by about 20 protesters.

The two participants from Boston complained of the approximately $12,000 in fees the city was prepared to charge the group for a permit to host a parade at City Hall Plaza, required to shut down streets and provide adequate security. They claimed the action was discriminatory, but were informed by Jayla Wilkerson, a city attorney and trans activist, that a proposed trans march had to be canceled because they were also going to be charged those same fees, according to the Dallas Voice.

Organizers are claiming they will hold a straight pride parade in Dallas next year.

Previous to this weekend's failure, Modesto, California hosted the lowest attended straight pride event, with only around 20 anti-LGBTQ demonstrators, who were likewise significantly outnumbered by counter-protesters.

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