Debi Mazar Recalls When She First Met Madonna, And It's The Best Story Ever

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We have no interesting stories about how we first met any of our friends, but, of course, Madonna and gal pal Debi Mazar have the greatest story ever as to how the two became lifelong BFF.


Speaking with The Cut at the premiere of M's new Epix documentary Madonna: The MDNA Tour (Airing this Saturday!), Mazar said:

I was in Danceteria, working the elevator. She came into my elevator, and a great song was spinning and she goes, 'Hey, you wanna dance? And I was like, 'Yeah!' And I parked the elevator, and we had a great dance together and then later on we danced some more. She wasn’t, like, a big star yet. She was just a girl from Detroit who had a real raw sexuality. From there on we became pals and started dancing and hanging out. I was doing makeup then, and so I did her makeup for years. She was like, 'I’m gonna be a star one day,' and I was like, 'Great!' We also did videos together. The first one was a song called 'Everybody,' and we filmed at the Paradise Garage, and Keith Haring was there. That was the beginning. I was always trying to pluck her eyebrows — they’re caterpillars. At this moment in time I probably wouldn’t pluck them, but it was the eighties, so, you know. Anyway, we remained girlfriends and we still are.

Best. Story. Ever.

Now, for old times sake, let's check out the "Everybody" video below.

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