30 Years Later, Greg Louganis Finally Gets On The Front Of A Wheaties Box

The breakfast of champions.

Gold-medal diver Greg Louganis will finally appear on the front of a box of Wheaties, General Mills has announced.

The news comes eight months after Back on Board, a documentary about Louganis, aired on HBO, and a petition was launched to get land him the honor. An image of Louganis in mid-dive will appear on boxes next month—as will boxes with hurdler Edwin Moses and the swimmer Janet Evans—as part of Wheaties "legend series."

Mike Siemienas, General Mills' manager of brand media relations, says the company "look[s] at a wide array of what [athletes] accomplished on the field of play and what they do in their communities."

Louganis, 56, says it was most likely homophobia that kept him off the Wheaties box back in the 1980s, when he was at his professional peak. He didn't come out until the Gay Games in 1984, but rumors about his sexuality dogged him throughout his career.

"The times have changed so drastically and so fast," the four time gold medalist told The New York Times.

"When I came out to my mom, she feared I’d always be a second-class citizen and never have a chance to be married. But Johnny and I are married, and we’re making a life together."

He added that getting the box now means more than it would have then. "People will see me as a whole person—a flawed person who is gay, HIV-positive, with all the other things I’ve been through."

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