"The Amazing Race" (16.11): Turns Out Caite Isn't Dumb. Just a Be-yotch.

Hey there, my favorite gays! First, let me apologize for flaking on my Amazing Race recap last week. I had a Charlie Brown situation (personal storm cloud hovering over my head) going on, but I missed you! Second, last night's Amazing Race made me realize that one of the greatest debates in the history of the world could be settled on the finale next week. Is there a God? Not if Brent and Caite win.

The finale will be a showdown between frontrunner cowboys, Jet and Cord; quiet competitors, Dan and Jordan; and the most irritating contestant in the history of this show and her perpetually bamboozled (but earnest) boyfriend.

Here's what happened last night in Shanghai.

Who are you rooting for going into the finale?