Chris Pine’s Penis Stole the Show at Opening Night of Toronto Film Festival

A star is born.

The Toronto Film Festival is one of the prestigious festivals that kick off awards season with world premieres of future Oscar-winning films.

Bradley Cooper's A Star is Born, starring Lady Gaga, is one of those movies this year, but at the opening night of this year's festival another star was born: Chris Pine's penis.

The Star Trek star plays 14th-century Scottish lord Robert the Bruce in the new Netflix movie, Outlaw King. The film was the opening night selection of the Toronto Film Festival, but it wasn't the Braveheart-esque story that had the audience talking. It was the full frontal shot "unveiling the full majesty of his [Pine's] medieval bush," as Vulture put it.

Of course thirsty tweeters are already counting down to November 9, when Outlaw King hits Netflix, and even Pine weighed in on the reaction when he spoke to The Hollywood Reporter:

“What I find very funny is there’s so much beheading in [Outlaw King] and yet, people want to talk about my penis,” said the Wonder Woman actor. “I think it says something about our society where people get disemboweled but it’s the man’s junk that is of interest.”

We suddenly have plans on November 9. Scroll through below to see some of the best tweets thirsting after Pine's package.

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