"Game Of Thrones" Star Natalie Dormer Thinks King's Landing Needs A Gay Pride Parade

"I'd be right there with the rainbow flags!"

One of our favorite characters on Game of Thrones has been Loras Tyrell (Finn Jones), boyfriend of the late Renly Baratheon and brother of Lady Margaery (Natalie Dormer).

Last season, though, when Lancel Lannister and the Faith Militant storm through King's Landing, they raid the brothels and Loras is thrown in prison. And we haven't seen a wisp of him since then.

Even Marjorie has been bugging this season, asking what the hell is going on with her brother.

Below, our friends at Heat Radio in London sat down with Dormer, who agrees that Westeros needs a gay-rights awakening. "I'd be right there with you. I'd be right there with the rainbow flags," she tells host James Barr.

Dormer was too smart to reveal any spoilers, but she did share her take on the on-screen siblings.

"He's in trouble—they're both in trouble," she tells Barr. "Actually they're in the most trouble they've been in since we've met the Tyrells. We see a whole new side to [Margaery]. She hasn't got the reins anymore."

We hope Finn reappears on Thrones soon—though his schedule is likely to fill up soon when he starts filming Marvels' Iron Fist for Netflix.

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