10 Essential Manila Luzon Gifs In Honor Of Her Birthday

The "Drag Race" star serves up a heaping helping of fabulous

Karl Philip Michael Westerberg (still the greatest drag queen birth name) roared onto RuPaul's Drag Race Season Three as Manila Luzon, making it all the way to the final two, until Raja snatched the crown away.

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But Manila made a lasting mark on the competition, forming the controversial Heathers clique with Raja, Carmen Carrera, and Delta Work, and battling it out with Delta in one of the most emotional lip-synchs in the show's history.

After Drag Race, Manila moved on to Drag U and All Stars, and released pop singles like "Hot Couture,""Best XXXcessory," "The Chop," and just last month, "Ice Cream."

Today is her 34th birthday, so let's celebrate with a collection of gifs that showcase the glamour, humor, and cross-eyed insanity that is Manila Luzon!

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