How Trixie Mattel Ended Up on Todrick Hall’s New EP, “Haus Party, Pt. 1”

It involves Trixie getting clocked while riding her bike through West Hollywood.

Trixie Mattel might be busy releasing her own new music, but apparently you can't keep her out of the recording studio, because the All Stars 3 winner can also be heard on Todrick Hall's new EP for Pride season, Haus Party, Pt. 1.

And it all happened because Trixie was clocked while riding her bike through the streets of West Hollywood.

"I had this addiction to the Life Savers Gummies, and I woke up one day and I decided to walk over to the CVS and get some," Todrick told NewNowNext. "When I crossed the street I saw someone who looked very familiar coming up on a bike, and I was like, that looks like Trixie."

"I’m a judge and choreographer on Drag Race, but I don’t really get to hang out with the queens, that’s not the vibe of the show, I’m judging them," he continued. "So I’ve worked with Trixie a few times, but we hadn’t really gotten to hang out. So we exchanged numbers, and we were talking, and I said I would love to do something with her, and then two days later I was walking on the street and I saw Trixie riding her bike again, and I thought this is a sign."

Coincidentally, Todrick had some studio time booked the same day he ran into Trixie for a second time, so he went to the studio and started thinking what kind of song he would want to work on with the skinny legend.

Inspiration struck when he remembered Ginger Minj's line from All Stars 2 Snatch Game when she told RuPaul she wasn't wearing any makeup, "just a little Chapstick."

"I wrote the song specifically for Trixie," Todrick said. "She loved it immediately, and she wrote me these text messages in all caps with emojis. And to this day, no shade to anyone I've recorded with, recording that song with her was the most fun I’ve ever had in the studio."

Fans who love the song should also be on the lookout for the music video, which they will be shooting "really soon," Todrick revealed. "I can't wait for people to see it."

Haus Party, Pt. 1 is out now.