Did Danny Roberts And Mike "The Miz" Mizanin Have A Hot "Real World" Affair?

Danny Roberts stopped by Watch What Happens Live last night with a few other former Real World cast members, and our favorite ever RW gay spilled some big secrets about how he spent one season of The Challenge hooking up with someone who is not only straight, but is now married.


Now, Danny was kind enough to not say who the man was, but did mention later in the show that he once received a angry (and we assume very drunken) call from Real World: Las Vegas cast member and professional hot mess Trishelle Cannatella about the incident. And Trishelle used to date Mike "The Miz" Mizanin, who appeared on the same season of The Challenge as Danny. And Mike is not married, but is engaged. And didn't we all used to wonder about The Miz, who is now a professional wrestler?

This totally happened, right? Oh, and don't forget that was the season a hurricane came and there was that big drunken toga party.

Also, we are very, very disappointed with your Real World producers. How could you miss this?

And for all y'all who miss Danny, check him out on our awesome Logo show DTLA here.


The only other Real World or Road Rules cast members Trishelle ever dated, besides The Miz, were Adam Larson and Steven Hill, and she just said Steven never hooked up with Danny. So anyone know if Mr. Larson is married? He was on that same season of The Challenge, and also wouldn't be a big surprise.

@EdwinMontanez: @TrishelleC Your BF being Steven Hill… he was on WWHL with @Andy” not Steven. Danny also cheated on his bf at the time lol

— Trishelle (@TrishelleC) September 19, 2013


Adam Larson just got married, so it looks like we may have a winner. Our apologies Mr. Miz.

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