Uber Cars Sporting Rainbow Flags In Indianapolis For NCAA Final Four

In bad news for bigots, but great news for humanity, residents of Indianapolis seem as outraged by Governor Pence's ridiculous new law as we are. Many businesses, including Uber, have welcomed LGBT members with open arms for the NCAA Final Four taking place there this weekend.

When you open the app to hitch a ride there today, you'll find all the vehicles on the Uber map sporting little rainbow flags. And the welcome screen said this:

"The flags reinforce that we accept everyone everywhere and that is what our company represents," said Brooke Anderson, a spokesman for Uber.

But Uber was only one of many businesses showing off their Hoosier hospitality. A giant banner in the Indianapolis International Airport reads "Indy Welcomes All," and many bars, including The Pub on Georgia Street, are posting signs and having servers wear buttons that announce they are happy to serve everyone.

It sounds like the outcry from Indiana's own residents about their new anti-LGBT law is getting louder and louder.

h/t: Outsports 

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