Adam Lambert Teases New Music Video With Trans Star Gigi Gorgeous

Yes, the song with the "moo"

Ancient-alien-visiting-Earth Adam Lambert is almost ready to release the music video for "Another Lonely Night," the second single from The Original High.

It's a great choice for a single, and one of the highlights of the album, with more of an upbeat pop feel than the haunting "Ghost Town."

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But we need to talk about ... that moment. In my review of the album, I gave "Another Lonely Night" four Fierce Adam Eyes (the highest possible rating), and said this:

Guaranteed to get your fingers snapping and put a smile on your face. And look, I know what the experts say, but I STILL HEAR A COW DAMMIT!

That "cow" sound has caused endless debate and warring factions, but I stand by my bovine belief.

Adam has released a couple of snippets of the video, including a trailer.

Another preview featuring trans star Gigi Gorgeous

And here's one more.

Another teaser from my #AnotherLonelyNight Music Video directed by @lukegilford

A video posted by ADAMLAMBERT (@adamlambert) on

Adam appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers Tuesday night, and promised to release the full video Thursday at midnight.

So while we wait, enjoy these shots from that show!

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