Kyle XY's gay-friendly episode draws the expected complaints

Thanks to our readers, we learned that this week's Kyle XY included a gay-themed storyline, with a controversy breaking out at Kyle's school over gay students at a dance. The series focuses on a mysterious teen with no memory (or belly button, for that matter) who therefore needs to re-learn how society functions. It's been noted for its very frank discussions on sexuality and drugs, earning Kyle XY a TV-14 rating.

Unsurprisingly, the gay-friendly episode has riled up a few viewers, as can be seen at the Kyle XY message boards:

I was under the impression that ABC Family was designed for family viewing ... wholesome family viewing but apparently not! Just when I thought I had found a safe and semi-clean program to watch in KYLEXY you turn it into all the illicit behavior that most parents are trying to teach their children to stay away from!!

It is just me, or does writing it as "KYLEXY" sound like something that'd better fit on late-night Cinemax?

Unfortunately, the discussion immediately turns into the kind of shouting match that has me avoiding message boards at TV shows' official websites. Still, I am curious about what could have offended "missbettiefay63" considering that Kyle XY has to this point followed the lead character's sexual maturing with the honesty of a Judy Blume novel. And honestly -- if this person is getting all wound up over what sounds like a fairly innocuous gay-friendly episode, we hope for her sake she doesn't catch any of ABC Family's newest sex-and-booze-filled morality gauntlet, Greek. Poor bird might have a coronary.

The episode in question, "Free To Be You and Me" airs again tomorrow night at Midnight. I've been hearing good things about Kyle XY, so this gives me a good excuse to finally check it out.