Emma Thompson Slams Homophobic Bullying: "It's Not Intelligent"

"The time for homophobia is long gone. It's over."

Emma Thompson speaks out in support of the Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) Campaign, which aims to eradicate homophobia and transphobia within the Scottish education system.

The British icon, known for her work in films such as Sense and Sensibility, An Education and the Harry Potter series, calls upon her trademark biting wit to rail against homophobic bullying in a statement made in support of the campaign.

"The time for homophobia is long gone. It's over," the actress began.

"Any young person indulging in homophobic bullying," she continued, "is a teenage dinosaur who should just go and sit coughing over a sherry in an old white men’s club."

Thompson's remarks come at a time when nearly 1 in 4 LGBT Scottish youth admit to having attempted suicide, according to reports from TIE.

"It’s not cool, it's not intelligent and it's not attractive. Let the rainbow live. We are all in this together and if you're young, you know that better than anyone. Get rid of the old, get in with the new-get rid of homophobia," adds the actress.

Thompson joins a quickly growing list of celebrities throwing their weight behind the cause, including trans model Jai Dará Latto, Mhairi Black MP, gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell and rugby referee Nigel Owens.

For more information on the TIE campaign, check out their website.

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