Amid Death Threats, Jordan Shuts Down Country's Only LGBT Magazine

A member of parliament declared that homosexuals are not welcome in Jordan.

Employees of Jordan's only LGBT magazine are being attacked and threatened on social media after the publication was thrust into a public battle with a member of the country's parliament.

My.Kali was the first LGBT digital magazine of its kind in North Africa and the Middle East, but was blocked by the government last summer. It's now back in the news after MP Dima Tahboub filed a personal complaint against it on Monday.

In the complaint to the Audiovisual Media Authority, Tahboub described the online magazine as "shawath," which translates to "perverts" or "deviants."

The local media then came out in support of Tahboub and her opinion that homosexuality is a psychological disorder that should be treated.

In a statement to StepFeed, the magazine's public relations rep, Jameel Jones, spoke out about the abuse that the publication has been the target of since Tahboub started the social media war.

"The fierce and inciteful [sic] media attacked the webzine and all that it represents, along with frightening comments on social media, which were centered around hate, death threats and physical abuse by people who could identify Khalid Abdel Hadi, editor-in-chief and the founder of My.Kali," Jones said.

Last month, Tahboub said that although she doesn't think gay people should be treated as criminals, they are not welcome in the country and should "respect what is normal in Jordan."

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