Stephen Baldwin: Gays Should Start Their Own Churches If They Want To Get Married

Did you expect anything less from a Baldwin?

Actor Stephen Baldwin offered some controversial and confusing views on same-sex marriage during an interview with Yahoo News at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Tuesday.

"I think anybody should be free to do whatever they want but they shouldn't ask other people to compromise what they believe in order to do so," the 50-year-old Trump supporter and former Apprentice star told Katie Couric.

"If gays want to be married, that's great, if you want to start your own institutions and churches and things like that to go ahead and do that, that's fine," he said. "I don't think there should be anything wrong with that at all."

Couric seemed almost in awe at the suggestion, which Baldwin called "a Jedi mind trick" for some reason.

She pressed further and asked if Baldwin was in fact suggesting there should be "separate churches for gay people."

Baldwin responded: "No. If they believe that they should have the right to have that kind of a union and they believe that they should have the rights that come along with that, they should ask for instance the catholic church to change its doctrine in order to accommodate that."

Hm! Wonder what it's like to have all your civil rights intact while lecturing others who "believe they should have the same rights" about why they shouldn't.

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