Matt Rogers to Sleigh the Holiday Season With New Showtime Special, "Have You Heard of Christmas?"

Ding dong, Christmas is calling!

Las Culturistas? More like Las Christmas... itas?

If you listen to the hit podcast Las Culturistas — co-hosted by besties Matt Rogers and SNL's Bowen Yang — then you probably already know Rogers' love for Christmas and the holiday season. So much so that he wrote and toured his own holiday comedy concert, which is now headed for Showtime.

Filmed earlier this year at Joe's Pub in New York, Have You Heard of Christmas is Rogers' debut comedy special, and will feature appearances from Yang and comedy duo Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson.


“Ever since I was a young boy, I have wanted to be seasonally ubiquitous,” Rogers said in a statement. “So I am thrilled to finally be joining the ranks of Christmas legends like Mariah Carey and Santa with this special, Matt Rogers: Have You Heard of Christmas?, and I look forward to sharing this vulnerable, intimate and ultimately incredibly stupid night.”

Have You Heard of Christmas? is the latest in Rogers' busy year. He was part of the standout ensemble on the first season of Showtime's I Love That For You, and his Head's Up skills were a hit with audiences in the Hulu original movie, Fire Island.

This isn't the first time Rogers' love for the holiday season has been captured on camera. Back in 2018, Rogers and his Gayme Show co-host Dave Mizzoni swung by the Logo studios to film some videos on topics like the "Do's and Dont's of Thanksgiving Fashion," how to make chocolate martinis, and which sexy Santa sleighed the most.

Matt Rogers: Have You Heard of Christmas? premieres Dec. 2 on Showtime, and for those of you who can't wait to kick off the Christmas season, Rogers will be hosting a "Holiday Spectacular Sing-A-Long Extravaganza" at this year's Vulture Festival in L.A. on Sat. Nov. 12. Move over Mariah, Rogers is coming for the Christmas crown!

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