20 Trans People Respond To The Word "Pronouns"

"What's more important? How you see me, or respecting how I see me?"

Cut Video asked transgender people to do word associations on camera, specifically for the word "pronouns."

The result is a touching look into the struggles that trans men and women go through on a daily basis in order to be treated as who they really are.

"Respect" is the first word that many of them automatically thought of, explaining that it is always important to ask someone what they use, and then to start using it when speaking about them.

"That is a thing that I constantly have to fight for," one participant said. "All my friends and family are on board, so I don’t really have to worry so much. But I always worry about what pronoun people are using for me in their heads, which is really just a silly thing I should not have to worry about.”

Another woman revealed that pronouns aren't the only issue, in her opinion. Instead, she would be more hung up on people thinking they need to attach the word "preferred" when discussing pronouns.

"That can give people an inaccurate idea of what being trans is because my pronouns aren’t preferred, they just are," she said. "Because my gender is not, like, a wish or something. It’s who I am. It’s part of me.”

Watch all their responses in the full video below.

h/t: Pixable 

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