Diehard Beyonce Fan Steals $85,000 For Concert Tickets, Pedicures And Clothes

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A 63-year-old Beyonce stan plead not guilty to grand larceny and fraud charges this week after being accused of using more than $85,000 in company funds to buy Beyonce concert tickets, manicures, makeup and a gym membership. Perhaps she was trying to become the new Queen Bey?

Speaking through her lawyer Morris Shamuil in a Brooklyn court Monday afternoon, Sharon Davidson claimed she could justify spending huge amounts of company money on herself.

According to Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson, Davidson spent three years making withdrawals from a small business bank account belonging to her employer, the North Flatbush Business Improvement District.

beyonce17n-1-webAccording to the company's website, the NFBID does nothing more than "supplement" the cleaning of sidewalks in front of local businesses (city employees already do this), remove graffiti from local businesses (city employees already do this), and provide "promotion" for local businesses (anyone with a voice or Facebook account can do this).

She paid for her "lavish" lifestyle with company checks and credit cards, the Daily News reports:

BID debits cards were used to spend $4,000 at the fashion retailer Talbots and buy $3,000 worth of groceries at Fresh Direct. Davidson also treated herself to $600 Beyonce tickets, $600 at Weight Watchers, $400 on manicures and pedicures and $13,000 via Paypal to buy shoes, clothing, jewelry and makeup, prosecutors said.

The alleged theft, also spent on restaurants and other amenities, totaled $85,691.36, according to the indictment. Davidson is also charged with falsely collecting $5,190 in unemployment benefits.

Davidson returned to her Long Island home on bail Monday. She maintains her innocence and excellent taste in music.