Warwick Rowers 2014 Naked Calendar Gets New Sneak-Peek Video: WATCH

Warwick Rowers 2014 Calendar from Progressive Media on Vimeo.

God we love the lads of the Warwick Rowing Team! Every year the men’s rowing team at England’s Warwick University bless us with a naked calendar and making-of video. Well, the 2014 calendar is getting the finishing touches, but they released this new teaser video to get us all hot and bothered.

Done and done, gents.

warwick rowers 2014The calendar's press releases promises "genuine university athletes who strip off to brighten up your each and every day... with a strong possibility of a welcome surprise around the start of each month."

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What's even more amazing than all the milky British flesh on display, though, is the cause they're dropped their kit for: battling homophobia among young people. A portion of proceeds is going to the Educational Action Challenging Homophobia's Sports Allies campaign:

The rowers are predominantly straight men who have welcomed and embraced the fantastic support they have had from the gay community for their fundraising efforts. Sport Allies is their way of honoring that support and giving something back.

The rowers will share with young people their own experience of learning to understand the challenges that others face, simply on the grounds of their sexuality, and how this has changed these athletes both as individuals and as a team.

We would never discriminate against you lot, even if you are tragically heterosexual.

Order your 2014 Warwick Rowing Team calendar here.

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