Twitter Was NOT Having It With SNL's Anderson Cooper Impression

"Larry David is perfect as Bernie Sanders. Jon Rudnitsky as Anderson Cooper is the opposite."

Saturday Night Live took the necessary opportunity to revisit the democratic debate during their cold open, utilizing Kate McKinnon's note-perfect Hillary Clinton impression and peppering the hilarity with SNL alums Larry David as Bernie Sanders and Alec Baldwin as Jim Webb.

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Stepping into portray American's preeminent silverest of foxes was a swing-and-a-miss for newcomer Jon Rudnitsky.

Unable to mine a sliver of humor ("I'm your moderator Anderson Cooper and I hope I do you proud tonight Kathy Griffin," received a tepid laugh at the start), Rudnitsky painfully did his best to capture the essence of AC.

Now, let's be clear, Cooper and Rudnitsky do share something in common: they're both studs.

Unfortunately, hotness continuum unity does not a good SNL impression make, and appropriately Twitter took aim.

What do you think? Does SNL need a new Anderson Cooper impression for the upcoming debate?

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