Meet the Logo30: Cassandra Peterson

"Talking about my relationship with my partner was a huge, huge relief," says the Elvira icon.

Every day during the month of June, we will be spotlighting our 2022 Logo30. This powerful series profiles ordinary and extraordinary people who show pride in unique and provocative ways. Visit the Logo30 homepage to view current and past honorees.

Cassandra Peterson, a.k.a. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, made headlines last year when she came out of the coffin in her memoir, Yours Cruelly, Elvira. In the book, Peterson dropped a major bombshell about her personal life: She has been in a relationship with a woman for the past 20 years.

"I pretty much told about my entire life, but a lot of things that fans over the years do not know about me. So I exposed a lot of secrets, the biggest one probably being that I have a female partner of 20 years. That was kind of a shock and revelation to a lot of people," Peterson tells Logo.

"I was tired of carrying around that secret. And it was not fun for my partner. She was always in the background. I introduced her as my assistant. It was creepy. I didn't feel good about it," she continues. "So I did always plan on letting people know about my relationship when I started writing the book. Even though it was a little scary and difficult for both of us, I am so glad I did it. It made such a huge difference. You just can't carry that stuff around and hide it forever without feeling really hypocritical and not feeling good about it. So it [coming out] was something that I'm really happy I did."

"Talking about my relationship with my partner was a huge, huge relief. It felt like a giant weight off of my shoulders. We could go places together. We didn't have to be phony and pretend like we were somebody else. It deepened our relationship. It was just a big relief."

When asked what Pride means to her, the Elvira icon responded that Pride is "exactly that. Feeling proud, proud of yourself, proud of who you

really are, your authentic self, and not changing for anyone being who you are. That's the whole point of it."

"I'm very proud of myself that I was finally able to write this book," confides Peterson. "I was proud to just finally let it all out there and be who I am, and stop keeping secrets."

Get to know Peterson and the rest of our incredible 2022 Logo30 honorees in the video below.