Meet Grindr's New Poet-In-Residence

Max Wallis will be creating monthly video poems for the app.

In a move no one was quite expecting, Grindr has brought on London-based writer Max Wallis to be its first ever poet-in-residence.

The native Londoner reflected on the news in a piece for the Guardian, in which he talked about the centuries-long connection between sex and poetry.

"Poetry and sex have a long and venerable history, one often being used in the service of setting up the other," he wrote. "Catullus kicked things off, and Lord Byron, Sharon Olds and Carol Ann Duffy, among others, have run with the ball since. The work of those poets is perhaps best thought of as the context for what I am doing now."

What exactly he'll be doing is creating monthly video poems for the app. Wallis plans to explore the tried-and-true themes of sex, love and failed relationships, all while telling a larger story about what it means to be gay now.

"You might, at this point, be wondering how much poetry can be excavated from a social networking app," he remarked. "The truth is, there is no 'proper' subject for poetry. All of life is its subject. Nothing should be out of bounds."

Wallis is no stranger to exploring those boundaries—in addition to sharing his work on social media, he's also published two books, Modern Love and Everything Everything.

Check out some of his poetry below.

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