Wolverine Is Officially Dead: A Gallery Of His Sexiest Comic Book Moments

SPOILERS AHEAD: In case you hadn't heard, Marvel Comics has just killed off its greatest mutant cash cow, Wolverine.

In the recently released Death of Wolverine Number 4, the ornery X-man, who lost his superhuman healing ability some time ago, sacrificed himself saving three innocents from being experimented on by an evil scientist. Staggering outside as the sun rises, Logan uttered his final word: "Enough."

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While Wolvie will undoubtedly return at some point—if only because his comic book hasn't been cancelled— we're taking a moment to mourn the Canadian superhero with a look back some of his hottest comic-book moments, from makeout sessions with Jean Grey to the time an alternate universe Wolverine hooked up with Hercules.

We might have thrown in some gratuitous Hugh Jackman shots too.

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