"Teen Wolf" Teases A Bisexual Stiles, Gay Romance For Danny

Teen Wolf is not letting up with the homoeroticism—not that we have a problem with that. In last night's episode, Stiles shouting that he was desperate to get laid, but it was in the boy's locker room with only his male classmates could hear. Then again, showrunner Jeff Davis, has told the media that Stiles could potentially be bisexual.  "We've certainly made some hints to the possibility of Stiles being bisexual. As to the psychology of why 'girls like boys who like boys,' I haven't asked enough questions or heard enough to really understand the psychology behind it."

The show's actual gay—Danny (Keahu Kahuanui)—offered to rid Stiles of his dreaded virginity, and we would love if the show went there. Interestingly  Kahuanui revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that his character will get a romantic interest: "Love is in the air,” Kahuanui dished to . “Danny’s definitely on track for another love interest, and I think it’s possibly a dangerous one.…We don’t know what his intentions are, whether he is genuinely interested or whether there’s an ulterior motive.”

The additional news that Danny will wind up in the hospital this season has us all angsty.

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