A New Christmas Classic Finds Rudolph Getting Turnt At The Gay Club

The most famous reindeer of all has a secret.

"Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer" is a great Christmas classic—no shade—but there may be a part of the most famous reindeer of all's life omitted from that diddy, a part of him that's been shrouded for years in secrecy.

We're not here to out him or anything, but he was recently caught out at the gay club. At least that's the case in a new Christmas classic, "XMAS SONG," from Sam Taggart and Sisters Weekend.

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Sam and his friend Todd decided to go to this gay club called South Pole where the drinks are cheaper than One Horse Open Gay. It's there, in a section roped off by a yeti, that Sam encountered Rudolph.

"It's just like we legit need an out gay reindeer at this point," Taggart tells NewNowNext. "Like it's 2015 already, c'mon!!! I just want Rudy to stop hiding behind the sleigh and instead hide behind the SLAAAAY."

Watch Rudolph's grinch grow as he grinds it at the gay club.

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