Christian YouTuber: Vaccines Are Making Children Gay

"Who knows what was injected into some of these deviant sex people as children."

A high school football coach turned religious-right activist has a theory as to why more people are identifying as LGBT these days, and it has nothing to do with society's growing acceptance of queer people. Instead, Dave Daubenmire suggests that vaccines are to blame for the surge in people being comfortable with who they are.

During a rant on his “Pass The Salt Live” series, the YouTuber lets us in on his theory, reminding us that he knows what he's talking about because "I read a lot of stuff."

“Have you noticed the explosion of deviant sexual proclivities?" he asks. "It used to just be homo and straight, then there was homo and straight and bi, then homo and straight and bi and trans, and homo and straight and bi and trans and gay; they keep adding initials, right?”

“I was reading something that this was happening, literally this was happening because our DNA is being changed,” he added, which was highlighted by Right Wing Watch in the clip below. “Our DNA is being changed not only through what we eat, but through the stuff that we’re seeing right here. Who knows what was injected into some of these deviant sex people as children. When they say they were born that way, maybe they were vaccinated that way.”

Daubenmire rose to infamy after being sued by the ACLU in the late '90s for forcing his football players to pray with him. His website explains that "as a result of the experience, Coach heard the call to move out of coaching a high school team, to the job of coaching God’s team."

Since then, he's shared his anti-LGBT views on his Coach Dave Live website, most recently blaming Hurricane Harvey's devastation in Houston earlier this year on the city's former lesbian mayor and abortion.

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