"Gay Of Thrones" Star Jonathan Van Ness Gets Ready To Dig Into The "Gay Of Everything"

"If only gun control was as easy as setting up a Bumble profile, honey."

Watching stylist Jonathan Van Ness recap Game of Thrones every week on his Funny or Die series Gay of Thrones is often the best part of the epic HBO series. So you can only imagine our excitement upon discovering that he is broadening his scope to cover, well, everything.

"I have been waiting for the perfect thing to recap when I realized everything is perfect to recap," said Van Ness, who released the first episode of Gay of Everything earlier this week.

The bimonthly series promises to recap everything going on in the world, from pop culture to politics.

In the series premiere, Van Ness recaps UFC fights and the news about Turkey shooting down a Russian jet last week. And for you diehard Game of Thrones fans, he also touches on those Jon Snow posters we've all been flipping over.

Check out the first episode of Gay of Everything below.