Gay Pop Star Hayley Kiyoko Premieres Super Queer "Feelings" Video On "TRL"

The out singer-actress directs her own music videos and they're queer AF.

Actress-pop singer Hayley Kiyoko unofficially came out when she released her music video "Girls Like Girls" in 2015, following it up with another female-focused love song and accompanying video for "Cliff's Edge." Despite her record label's want for her to do less overtly gay videos, Kiyoko was proud to be creating work that spoke for and to her and a growing audience of queer and allied fans. Her videos for "Gravel to Tempo" and "Sleepover" also spoke to her experience as a young gay woman, and now her new single "Feelings" seems to continue in that vein.

Kiyoko is a former Disney star who has since starred on CSI: Cyber, The Fosters and a recent episode of Insecure as well as movies like Jem and the Holograms and XOXO, but it's her music that connects her with so many millennials who go wild for her queer-themed music videos. So wild, in fact, that they picked out one young woman from her "Gravel to Tempo" video that they've decided she should shoot another video with—a woman they affectionally refer to as "headphones girl."

Headphones Girl is an actress named Chanel Celaya, and she recently posed with Kiyoko for a short social media story where the two women kiss while "Careless Whisper" plays in the foreground.

Both Kiyoko and Celaya posted photos together on their Instagrams as well, all leading up to Kiyoko's release of her new music video, "Feelings." Kiyoko premiered both the track and the video (which she directed) for "Feelings" on TRL yesterday. I'm sorry to report that Headphones Girl does not play Kiyoko's love interest, but hopefully fans will appreciate the new brunette just the same.

While on TRL, Kiyoko also shared some thoughts on Spirit Day as well as a "gorgeous blonde" she is crushing on. (If you're her, hit Hayley in the DMs. She's expecting you.)

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