Hayley Kiyoko Wants You to Wear HUE as "Armor"

The out pop star dishes on her new fragrance, her first date with a girl, and her love for "Carol."

Hayley Kiyoko has been giving us feelings for years with her cool pop tracks, but now she's also serving fragrance fantasy with her signature scent, HUE.

Like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga before her, Kiyoko has launched her first fragrance, billed as having "sparkling top notes of blood orange, watermelon and freesia unfold into an expressive, feminine heart of blooming peony petals, lychee, rose, and pink magnolia."

Trevor Flores

The "Girls Like Girls" singer recently sat down with Logo to talk about the two-year journey of creating HUE, which she calls "armor and an aid for my fans who are seeking courage, validation, love."

"In middle school, I'd wear Elizabeth Arden Green Tea," she recalls. "I would just douse my body with it because I remember when I wore it one time to school, this girl was like, 'Oh my gosh, you smell so good what is that?' I got this immediate validation from a female, and I was like 'Wow! I need to smell good 24/7.'"

Kiyoko also reminisced about monumental queer moments in her life, including sneaking into her parents' room to watch The Real World and going to a gay bar for the first time. Spoiler alert, her first gay bar experience was "very aggressive": "I went to a gay bar in West Hollywood, and it was Speedos, and packages, and male genitalia everywhere. Obviously, as a very lesbian person, I was extremely petrified and overwhelmed. "This is what gay bars are like? Where are the women? Where are the hot girls? I just have penises everywhere!' It was just a lot."

We've all been there! Watch our full interview with Kiyoko below.

HUE by Hayley Kiyoko is available now.

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