Great GoogaMooga? More Like ‘Great, Already Waiting in Line!’

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Where else can you find awesome food (like all food isn’t awesome), great music, and drinks galore? Wait let us finish. Where else can you find all of these things, for free? Two (kinda three) words, friends: Great. GoogaMooga.

Okay, so it’s a bit silly to say – but the silliest things to say are usually the most fun things to do. Besides, when you see all the things in store that’s pretty much all you’re going to be able to sputter out. Just looking at their website is giving us tingles already.

Spread over the weekend of May 17th to the 19th, Great GoogaMooga is a celebration of food, music, and wine combined with the relaxing atmosphere of Brooklyn's Prospect Park. It's pretty much a dream come true! A day in the park to enjoy some of the amazing things the city has to offer, but without the hassle of getting to and from. So, there has to be a catch right?

Sadly there is a bit of one, the tickets are giveaways. This means it's not absolutely guaranteed that if you register, you're going to get the tickets. We know, it upsets us too. There is a way around it though, as long as you buy the ticket for Friday (the only day you have to pay) then you get another ticket for either Saturday or Sunday. Considering The Flaming Lips and Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs are both playing that day, it's easily a worthwhile investment. There's also a certain kind of joy in trying for and winning giveaway tickets too, so don't be so quick to discount that.

If you do want to buy tickets though, they go on sale starting Thursday, the March 28th, on their website. Registration to get tickets for Saturday or Sunday doesn't start until April 1st and goes on until April 3rd. A better explanation about their giveaway is explained too. There are also tickets for a 'V.I.P. Cocktail Experience' if one wishes to partake.

Hope to see you there!

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