How Crystal Meth Is Devastating Queer Communities Of Color

"You don't think you'll ever get back to the same person that you were."

ParTy Boi: Black Diamonds in Ice Castles is a new documentary from filmmaker Michael Rice that takes a provocative look inside the African American and Latino LGBT communities that are being ravaged by crystal meth addiction.


"In that community it has become a part of the norm," Rice says in the trailer.

"You get so scared to the point that you don't think you'll ever get back to the same person that you were," one of the subjects says in the trailer.

Crystal meth has been a problem in the LGBT community for years, but noticing an uptick in usage in recent years, Rice wanted to show "an untold tale from the urban perspective that has the possibility to change the perception of the 'parTy & play' life style within inner city queer demographics."


Last year Scruff banned the word "party" from its users' profiles, but earlier this year Grindr came under fire when the dating app released a set of emojis containing a giant "T" that many use for Tina, which is slang for crystal meth.

ParTy Boi will have a premiere screening and cocktail Q&A in New York on May 7 at ImageNation Cinema.

h/t: Boy Culture

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