"Final Fantasy" Game Is Getting Redesign Because Fans Said Male Character Was "Too Sexy"

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The latest installment in the iconic Final Fantasy franchise had to be retooled after fans complained the male protagonist, Wal, was "too sexy" in preliminary screenshots.

Square Enix  is set to release Mobius Final Fantasy  on mobile devices in Japan later this year, but Wal will be showing less flesh.

Rocket News reports that producer Yoshinori Kitase admitted during a presentation that “after we released the screenshots in December, we looked at the various reactions we were getting online, and in the end, showing this much skin…”

“It’s kind of sexy," said a co-presenter, "a little too sexy.”

So Kitase asked the character designer to redo his garment, which was originally open-backed with a kind of meager chaps  covering his tush, to cover his midsection.


Don't lose hope just yet, though. Wal's costume changes depending on what job he has, so there might be equally risque outfits available. And his back tattoo will still be on view.


Plus, Kitase says “if enough people say they like those hiplines, then we might bring the original costume back.”

We see some pretty hot cosplay opportunities here.

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