The Sanderson Sisters Hit Up Starbucks In "The Real Housewitches of Salem"

"Watch what magic happens when the sistaaahs stop being polite and start getting real."

The hunky guys who blessed us with an incredible Hocus Pocus drag performance last Halloween are back with another offering: A Real Housewives parody featuring Mary, Sarah and Winifred Sanderson.

In The Real Housewitches of Salem, the ladies visit Starbucks for an "extra mocha lotta frappa fruita-chino with extra shots of this and that," pick up some new Halloween costumes for a party they've booked, have a run-in with a cop, and even stop for a quick shopping trip at the "French" boutique Targét."

The skit was written and directed by Rick Twombley, and features his boyfriend, Griff King, as Winifred.

Though Mary's "drinking problem" might seem to be the biggest surprise, a major revelation about Winifred's spell book is the twist you never saw coming.

Turns out that coveted almanac is actually—dun dun dun—Regina George's burn book!

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