AMC's "Walking Dead" Introduces Gay Character From The Comic Book (SPOILERS!)

Despite dashing our hopes that bad-boy Darryl Dixon was a, ahem, man's man, AMC's The Walking Dead justintroduced a new gay character, transported from the original comic book series.

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"Aaron" popped up in the final moments of Sunday's episode, declaring he was a "friend" to Rick and the rest of the post-apocalyptic castaways. He apparently lives in the Alexandria safe zone, a pocket of civilization near Washington, D.C.

He works as a recruiter for the safe zone, seeking out uninfected survivors to join the fold. (Wait, a gay man who recruits? This sounds like Pat Robertson's apocalypse.)

Rumors circulated in recent months about a new gay on the show, and creator Robert Kirkman hinted at the possibility, as well—with mostly fans thinking crossbow-toting Daryl was coming out as  “prison gay,” a prospect Norman Reedus said he he was down for.

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Perhaps its better we get a new face rather than a sudden revelation about an existing character who's never once mentioned any hint of homosexuality. Hopefully Aaron will add to TWD's already diverse and nuanced characters—if he survives, of course.

Get the 411 on Aaron (with possible spoilers) below.