"Below Her Mouth" Is A Steamy Queer Love Story Shot By A Feminist Crew

It's about damn time.

The first U.S. trailer for the Canadian film Below Her Mouth dropped last week, and the verdict is in: It's ridiculously hot and simultaneously feminist AF.

Below Her Mouth

The film, which one reviewer has dubbed "a cinematic voice to the female orgasm," stars Natalie Krill and model Erika Linder as strangers who embark on a passionate, forbidden affair.

Krill plays Jasmine, a woman who is engaged to a man and considers herself straight until she unexpectedly falls for Dallas (Linder), the hot lesbian roofer working on her neighbor's house. While Jasmine's fiancé is out of town, the two have lots and lots (and then lots more) of intense, heart-pounding, so-wrong-but-so-right sex.

Below Her Mouth

In an industry frequently criticized for being overtly, regressively sexist, Below Her Mouth is shaking things up in a way that's long overdue: It was shot by a mostly-female, entirely feminist crew.

Still, director April Mullen says that telling such a sensual story absent the male gaze—something films like Blue is the Warmest Color have been criticized for failing to do—required her to re-think everything she'd ever learned about filmmaking.

Below Her Mouth

"When I was shot-listing, blocking and sort of choreographing and production-designing everything to do with the film, I had to constantly forget about everything I had watched—advertising, TV or film—that were primarily made with male audiences in mind," she told Cult Montreal.

"I had to forget about all those images I had been exposed to my whole life when it comes to sex and intimacy and love and just look inwardly and be really attuned to what affects me as a woman and what really turns me on and what draws me close to want to be intimate with someone."

Below Her Mouth hits U.S. theaters on April 28.