GLAAD to Honor "Vanguard" Jennifer Aniston

Award-winning gay visibility champion Jennifer Aniston.


I think Jennifer Aniston is cool and all... I mean, I never watched Friends that much, but people loved the show and really like her. And I know she had a rough break-up with Brad Pitt... And I know she played a lesbian in an episode of that FX show Dirt last week and she had a quick kiss with her costar Courtney Cox, but I have to admit I didn't know she was a big gay rights pioneer. Yep, I think she's friends with Ellen DeGeneres and Melissa Etheridge, and she was in that nice 1998 gay-ish movie with cute Paul Rudd, The Object of My Affection... But who knew that she was gonna be honored by GLAAD with a "Vanguard Award" at this year's GLAAD Media Awards in L.A.??? Congrats are in order, right?

The GLAAD press release says: "The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) announced today that acclaimed actress Jennifer Aniston will receive the Vanguard Award for her contributions to increased visibility and understanding of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community."

That's swell. But I'm sure there are lots of of folks who've also contributed to the increased positive visibility of gay people, too. Some are even real lesbians. Or gay men. And hey, if we need to award a "Jennifer" for her fight in the gay rights visibility battle... I've got some more who are worthy. I mean, why not give out a whole cartload of Vanguard awards to a great big mess of Jennifers??? And I'd bet they'd show up,too!

Why not give a Vanguard award to...

Jennifer Beals. She's certainly given her all to the LGBT folks with her committed and killer performance as Bette on The L Word. She kicks ass!

Jennifer Coolidge. I defy you to find anyone--gay, lesbian or otherwise--who doesn't love her. And she made out with Jane Lynch awesomely in Best in Show. She rules!

Jennifer Hudson. Frankly, after the crazy show she and Patti LaBelle put on during the GLAAD Awards last week in NYC, they ought have Patti pop up in L.A. and give an award to Jennifer. They could get all crazy onstage all over again! And the gays love their J-Hud.

Jennifer Holliday. I mean, Jennifer Hudson wouldn't have an Oscar if it weren't for Jennifer Holliday's creation of the role of Effie in Dreamgirls on Broadway, really. And Holliday has been performing for and supporting the gay community for decades. This pic is from her peformance at the 33rd Anniversary of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Community Center back in 2004. Props!

Jennifer Saunders (aka Edina Monsoon). Again... Hello? Somebody give this comedy legend an award, please. She created Ab Fab, the most gay beloved (and totally gay-inclusive) show of like all-time.

And finally... Give it up for NYC drag veteran Jennifer Snackwell. Let's see Ms. Aniston rock this look for 20+ years, while serving sass in East Village dive bars and hanging with the likes of Lady Bunny, Linda Simpson and RuPaul. You didn't see that on any episodes of Friends... (Photo courtesy of

All "Vanguards," indeed.

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