Why in the Queer Hell Is Trump Selling Pride T-Shirts?

The rainbow tee will cost you $24...and the respect of virtually every queer person in America.

Buy now and get 20% off! Donald Trump has never declared June Pride month during his presidency, but he will sell you a rainbow shirt, anyway.

The shirt, which allows you to “show your pride and your support for Trump,” sports a watercolor design rainbow pride flag. (It isn't a new design, either: One reporter pointed it out last October.) “LGBTQ for Trump,” it reads in big white letters. The back has the Trump-Pence campaign logo with the now-infamous “Make America Great Again.” The “Trump Pride Tee” is “proudly made in the USA.” The shirt, oddly, does not come in youth sizes.

Trump Make America Great Again Committee

Yep, this is real.

Right now, you can get the $30 tee for just $24. Shipping will set you back another $7, but ‘tis the season to show your colors, so don’t hold back.

Before taking office, Trump vowed to be a friend to LGBTQ people. But less than two hours after his inauguration, all mentions of LGBTQ people were wiped from the White House webpage.

On Wednesday, LGBTQ media advocacy organization GLAAD reported that the Trump administration had attacked LGBTQ people for 108th time since taking office by proposing eliminating protections for transgender people at homeless shelters.

This is to say, LGBTQ advocates literally aren’t buying it.

“The Trump Administration is trying to pull yet another con job on LGBTQ Americans, but like their other desperate ploys, this idea will fall flat,” said GLAAD Chief Programs Officer Zeke Stokes. “Trump should hold the sales pitch and try issuing a statement honoring June as National Pride Month and the countless of LGBTQ Americans who fought tooth and nail for the level of acceptance our nation sees today.”

Charlotte Clymer, press secretary of rapid response for the Human Rights Campaign, ticked off a list of attacks on trans people from the Trump administration—the trans military ban; allowing medical providers to turn away trans patients; rolling back trans student protections; and outlawing the words “transgender” and “diversity” in Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Reports.

"From Day One of this administration, Donald Trump and Mike Pence have ruthlessly attacked the rights and livelihoods of LGBTQ people,” Clymer said. “They have ignored anti-LGBTQ atrocities in Chechnya and anti-trans violence here at home.”

The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment from NewNowNext on what inspired this coming out or if they had actually sold any of the polychromatic swag. But here’s to a Pride 2019 with all those Trump loyalists out in force in their LGBTQ/ ally swag this year.

By the way, if you are a queer Trump supporter looking to get your party on this Pride season, you can rock this bathing suit with the entire “Make America Great Again” slogan down the front of it ($55—they say it’s for “women” but since the administration is so LGBTQ inclusive, we assume they mean “everyone!”) Or round out your collection with some Trump pong cups. For just $11 (they’re also on sale- down from $18.50), you get four red plastic “Make America Great Again” Solo-style tumblers. Cheers!

Have we found the strangest Pride swag for 2019 in the homo-tastic Trump Tee? Perhaps. (We’ll give Listerine’s gay mouthwash an easy second place.)

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