"Mass Effect: Andromeda" Includes A Gay Romance, But Gaymers Cry Foul

“It looks like they were ashamed of this kind of scene."

Mass Effect: Andromeda will feature a sexy gay romance when it debuts later this week, but some fans think that Bioware's attempt at LGBT representation didn't go far enough.

Playing as Scott Ryder, you are able to enter into a relationship with a chief engineer named Gil, which includes scenes of the two men kissing and having sex.


But fans who were granted early access to the game are complaining that the gay romances pale in comparison to the straight versions, with images of Ryder paired with a woman appearing to be much racier than those featuring the character matched with Gil.

"Cora and Ryder get one of the most sexually explicit scenes in a BioWare game to date, and we don't even get at least one gratuitous ass shot of Gil," wrote YouTuber KendylTV in comments under a video that features some of the romantic scenes. "It further lets us know that, for the time being, gay sex is still too taboo for developers to seriously consider incorporating in a mainstream video game."

Users also complained that the gay sex scenes would quickly fade to black, and that something always seemed to be blocking a clear view of the two men kissing.


Additionally, the gay character doesn't have as many dating options as his straight counterpart, making it impossible to win the trophy called "The Matchmaker," in which you have to complete romances with three different characters across all play throughs to achieve. Because the gay version of Ryder can't court members of his straight fire team, it's impossible to win the trophy without eventually romancing a female character, turning Ryder bi in the process.

Despite all the criticism, EA has made a consistent effort to include LGBT characters for years, joining a long list of other video games, including the recent Dishonored 2, that are attempting to be more inclusive.

If you don't mind spoilers, you can check out some of the gay scenes in the video below while you wait for Mass Effect: Andromeda's official release on March 21.

h/t: Gay Star News

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