"Hightown" Explores Death, Drugs, and Draaaaaaama in Provincetown

The new Starz show tackles Cape Cod's opioid epidemic against a backdrop of murder.

Provincetown, known lazily and affectionately to residents and habitués as P-Town, is one of the gayest places on Earth. Gay as in both "YAS, kween" and happy. But the new Starz series Hightown takes a look at the darkness lurking beneath the surface—and we're not just talking about the Dick Dock.

Monica Raymund stars as Jackie Quiñones, "a hard-partying National Marine Fisheries Service agent," who stumbles upon a dead body on the beach. The incident inspires Jackie to sober up—that is, until she becomes convinced that she's the only one who can solve the murder.



The set of Hightown.

James Badge Dale, Riley Voelkel, Shane Harper, Amaury Nolasco and Atkins Estimond round out the cast.

Described by creator and executive producer Rebecca Cutter as a "tough guy" story with "ball-breaking language," Hightown sets itself apart from similar crime drams not just with its seasonally sanguine locale, but also with its decidedly female perspective.

“We get to see stories unfold no matter what [kind of body you have],” Raymund told Deadline. “It’s fun to give different points of view as a woman.”

Below, check out the teaser trailer for Hightown, premiering this spring on Starz.

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