Jessica Lange Has Some Advice for All You Drag Queens Out There

So you wanna nail the perfect Dusty Jackson impersonation?

Jessica Lange's character in The Politician, Dusty Jackson, is an older, campy, over-the-top Southern woman—in other words, you will probably see a drag queen impersonating her at your local gay bar in no time.

Luckily, Lange has some tips for all you aspiring Dusty Jackson drag queens out there. At a recent press conference for Ryan Murphy's new Netflix series, the Oscar winner shared some wise words about portraying her Politician character: "It's not an easy look! That's the advice I would give!"

"It takes a while to get it. And it's not entirely comfortable," Lange told NewNowNext. "I had to try to look 15 years younger because one of the plot points is that I had my daughter when I was very young, and she follows the same path, and has a child when she was a teenager. So I'm supposed to be playing 55 years old."



"It's a lot of work to look young," Lange added. Discomfort while trying to look younger? Something drag queens know all about.

The Politician, which is now streaming, focuses on Payton Hobart (Tony winner Ben Platt), who has known since he was a kid that he would become President of the United States. But first he has to be elected student body president, secure a spot at Harvard, and navigate the treacherous waters of being a teenager in today’s world.

In addition to Lange and Platt, The Politician also stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Zoey Deutch, Lucy Boynton, Laura Dreyfuss, Rahne Jones, Theo Germaine, Julia Schlaepfer, and Bob Balaban, along with Dylan McDermott, January Jones, Judith Light, and Bette Midler.