Logan Lynn Is Reclaiming Hell As A Safe Space For Queers

"Oh, Lucifer" skewers the religious right in a most devious way.

Christians have been warning us for years that being gay is a mortal sin, but Logan Lynn is here to assure us that our inevitable trip to the pits of hell might not be so bad after all.

In the new music video for his song "Oh, Lucifer," the LGBT activist is listing a few reasons why an eternity in hell could be advantageous: It's super warm, all our friends will be there to keep us company and, most importantly, "no one can hurt us...except for us."


The video was released as a protest of Donald Trump's inauguration last Friday, and finds the puppet version of our new president locked behind bars.

"So remember, my dears, that if we don't sin, then Jesus died for f*cking nothing," Lynn sings, making a fair point.

Check out the video for "Oh, Lucifer" below.

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