Loni Anderson Returns In "My Sister Is So Gay"

"Let's do the dare part—I dare you to take off your pants!"

The vivacious Loni Anderson is back in a new LGBT web series that sees her playing mom to two disfunction adult children.

Tello Films

Premiering January 22, My Sister is So Gay follows Seth (Terry Ray), a middle-aged gay man overwhelmed by his uptight, homophobic sister, Amanda (Wendy Michaels). She's all in his hair—well, what's left of it—after she catches her husband with her best friend, Katherine. But it turns out Amanda is more upset about Katherine's betrayal than her husband's.

Tello Films

When Amanda starts acting funny around Seth's lesbian coworker (Debra Wilson), Seth starts thinking maybe she's hiding some gay tendencies of her own.

Loni plays their vampy, boozy mom, Frances, who offers advice like, “If you want to look young next to your kids teen pregnancy is the way to go."

Six episodes have been produced so far by Tello Films, a production company specializing in series with a lesbian focus. Watch the trailer below.

h/t: LGBT Weekly

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