The Golden Girls Pop Up In The Latest Episode Of "Amazing Adventures Of Gumball"

"The last time you were a girl, men still had gills!"

It might be 25 years since The Golden Girls went off the air, but the love for our favorite foursome is as strong as ever: Just days after an homage to the show's theme song appeared on The Goldbergs, Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia appeared on this weekend's episode of Cartoon Network' The Amazing Adventures Of Gumball.

In the Season 6 episode "The Lady," Gumball and Darwin think their dad, Richard, is having an affair. Using a day off from school as an opportunity to spy on him, they actually uncover his real secret: that he's been dressing up as a woman to make friends.

Richard's feminine alter ego, "Samantha," is basically Blanche Devereaux with a name change.

Cartoon Network

The tribute is complete when, at the mall, Samantha runs into Dorothy, Rose and Sophia. (Well, almost—the characters are slyly renamed Angela, Violet, and Maria.)

It's a wacky case of mistaken identity, and gender play, and sassy one-liners. And, of course, hilarity ensues!

But would 9-year-olds who watch Gumball get the decades-old references?

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