Carmen Carrera Shares The Screen With Meryl Streep In "Ricki And The Flash"

We'll see any and every Meryl Streep movie that comes out—hell, we even saw House of the Spirits. So we're all kinds of interested in Ricki and the Flash, the upcoming Jonathan Demme-directed drama hitting theaters on August 7.

In the movie, Meryl plays an aging rocker forced to face the family and responsibilities she left behind. Will it garner her another Oscar nomination? Does Sharon Needles sleep in a coffin?

And one of our very own Drag Race stars shares screen time with Streep: Below, watch Carmen Carrera plays a hairdresser in the trailer. (Peep her at about the 1:58 mark.)

Carmen's star is on the rise—she recently appeared in an episode of the Bold and the Beautiful.

In addition to Carmen, Ricki and the Flash features some other our favorite folks.

Kevin Kline

Audra McDonald

Rick Springfield

Sebastian Stan

Oh, and Mamie Gummer. Hi Mamie!

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