Gay Comedian Byron Lane Has The Balls To Write A Web Comedy About Having Testicular Cancer

Lane appears in "Last Will and Testicle" with Sam Pancake, Drew Droege and Gay of Thrones' Jonathan Van Ness.

When gay comedian Byron Lane found out he had testicular cancer, he went through all the normal stages of dealing with the news: denial, bargaining... and turning the ordeal into a hilarious gay web series.

Okay, so that last one may not be the norm. But for Lane, creating Last Will and Testicle was a cathartic release.

"People had such different reactions when I told them I found a lump on my testicle. And one person laughed about it!" he recalls.

"It was one of those unbelievable moments that are irresistible for a writer. I knew immediately I had to tell this story."

Knowing he might have to put the brakes on the show if he had to undergo chemotherapy (which he ultimately didn't have to do), Lane wrote the script and cast the parts quickly.

And oh, what a cast it is: The Mindy Project's Beth Grant and her real-life husband, Michael Chieffo, star as Lane's parents. The very hysterical Sam Pancake, meanwhile, plays his doctor.

Drew Droege, best known for his viral Chloe videos and Logo's Cocktails & Classics, and "Gay of Thrones" star Jonathan Van Ness, play two very important roles: Lane's testicle and his cancerous lump.

"'Surly Old Mass Of Ball Cancer' is definitely at the top of my resume," Droege joked on Facebook.

Lane hopes Last Will And Testicle can help people facing cancer feel less alone, and find ways to laugh at a life-threatening illness.

"I'm very lucky. Most cancers are devastating," he says. "I survived a kind of easy one. And I got so much out of it that my life is actually better now. I feel alive in a new way. And I'm really grateful."

Watch all six episodes of Last Will And Testicle below.

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