Size Queens Finally Get an Emoji—the Pinching Hand

"FINALLY a small dick emoji."

Emoji-approving organization Unicode has just released a list of 230 symbols which will make it to your devices this year. While the iconic eggplant emoji has been known to represent what a guy is packing, there hasn't been an emoji for guys on the smaller side—until now.

People on the internet all had the same reaction to the news.

There are 230 new emojis on the way including symbols representing a number of different cultures, including the sari and a Hindu Temple. There are also 70 new ways for the "couple holding hands" emoji, to ensure that all couples can be represented in every skin tone.

The update also adds more emojis to represent members of the deaf and blind communities and people with disabilities. The characters, which were proposed last year by Apple, include people in manual and mechanized wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, and service dogs.

According to Emojipedia, Unicode will release the pinching hand on March 5, but you'll likely spot them in an Android beta in August, or on iOS as late as November through a software update.

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